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Our Place

Barbaiano, the hill on which stands the home of the Violi family, has a millennial history. Already in 1072 written sources speak of “San Sabino site in Barbajano“, even if, as many findings show, Etruscans and Romans already populated the area between the fourth and third centuries B.C. Since ancient times this place has been chosen for rest and relaxation. Being halfway between Arezzo and Siena and between Florence and Rome, at the time when a journey could last days or weeks, this dwelling house offered rest and refreshment to pilgrims and travelers. Convents, abbeys, monasteries and hospitals overlooking the valley below and close to the house, such as the Benedictine Monastery or the Capuchin Monastery, once held the same function. 

The villa of the Violi family was one of these places where the traveler could find rest and serenity during the journey: in a higher and panoramic position, compared to the swamp situated in ancient times downstream, it has always represented a place dedicated to peace and quiet, just a few kilometers from the sites of prayer of St. Francis in Arezzo and Cortona. A place that has impressed travelers and artists in all the ages.